How to pick apart an assembly and add to another assembly?

Hi, I have a problem with my processes and assemblies. We have two stacks of baskets with different parts in them, and we want the robot to pick up the parts, one from each pile and place them on a tray on a conveyor.

As it is now the robot only wants to pick up the entire stack of baskets and parts and then won’t even place them on the tray.

We also want to place the empty baskets in a separate stack right next to the full stack, but we’re far from that as it is now.

Also yes, the pillars of the track motion is cutting in on the conveyour but we’ll solve that later.

Adding my file here:
Rätt mått projekt robotteknik nya versionen.vcmx (4.8 MB)



Rätt mått projekt robotteknik nya versionen_v2.vcmx (1.6 MB)

THANK YOU! Me and my classmate have struggled with this problem for two weeks straight with no one to ask. Will try to replicate it, just to get better at this myself, but I cannot thank you enough for the solution.

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