How to only move external axis joint value

I’m trying to program a workpiece positioner to rotate 60degrees after each cycle for 6 cycles.
I was planning on using a while loop to count the 6 cycles, changing the positioner base frame by 60 degrees each time, I’ve just realised that would also cause the robot to move as well.

Is there a way of only editing the external axis joint values?
I know you can control links with servo controllers and python script but I’d ideally want to avoid that since I have no Python experience yet.
Is there an easy way to do something like:
“On signal, E1 = E1 + 60?”
Like a relative joint move that leaves all over joint values alone?


So I managed to get it working by copying all of the python code over from the indexer table in the library.
It would still be useful to know if there’s another way for relative joint moves though.

You can use API to create a robot statement that you can call in the program to move an external axis only by a given value. See vcPythonProcessHandler in Python API.

You can also use the vcPythonProcessHandler as a “Statement Handler” for a vcExecutor behavior, so you can control when statements in program are executed and what they do. For example, if you are using Wait In, you could add two properties to that statement for defining which axis to move and how much, and then read that info in statement handler and execute the motion.

Thank you, I will look into those.
I’ve been avoiding the python tools so far but it sounds worthwile learning, the e-cat library components only go so far.