How to modify root of robot?

Hi there!
I have a robot that’s located at (0, 0, 700) and I would like that to be its zero position. I don’t know if the correct way to phrase that would be to say that I want to change the base frame or the root frame of the robot. I have looked at two similar questions on this forum and I noticed they modify bases in the Controller → Bases folder. I managed to modify those with Python code, but it still doesn’t solve my issue.
Thank you!

Is the robot world frame at (0,0,700) and the bases parented to the RWF?

Yes and yes. If I click World or Parent coordinates I see the same values, (0, 0, 700).
If I click any of the bases in Controller → Bases I see the property ‘Node’ is ‘World’, if that’s what you mean.

Sorry, I don’t understand. World will always refer to World coordinate system and give the global position. Base will be at zero if it is at same location as its parent.

If you meant something like zeroing robot, move the Robot World Frame as needed in Program tab.

Ah, yes, you are right. I had the robot selected instead of the base…
The coordinates are (0, 0, 700) when World is selected and (0, 0, 0) when Parent is selected.
I’m sure it’s a simple setting I have to change, but I can’t figure out what.

To clarify, I want the location of the robot to no longer be (0, 0, 700), but (0, 0, 0), when I click the robot while in the Home tab.


simply try to set the robots worldPositon to 0,0,-700?



I found a way to do it; there’s actually a section for that in the HOME tab. It’s called ‘Origin’ and you can use it to reposition the origin of an object with coordinates or by snapping. Maybe I didn’t express myself correctly, by ‘root’ I meant ‘origin’.