How to model leveling table

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Im trying to model a concept of a leveling table, where you can level the table with 3 legs, that can move x,y,z translational. The problem comes when I need to attach the table to the 3 legs, so it follows, and tilts/moves when I move the joints.

How do I link the table to 3 different joints/links, so I can control the table with 1 Z translation joints in each leg, x and y translation in the front leg, and then 1 y translation in one of the back legs, and the rest DOFs as following? (Making the following links isn’t the problem, only to attach the table on the legs)

Files if it could help
Leveling bed.vcmx (86.4 KB)

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I don’t think there is an easy way to model such mechanical constraints.
You would need to calculate the kinematics for the table position and angle based on the 9 other joint values.

There are some example components in the Misc. folder of eCatalog that also have kinematic constraints like that.

Thanks a lot, I will look into that