How to make two or more robots dependent on each other?

I’m looking for optimizing the movements of three robots. The case can roughly be described as so:
Robot A does some sort of depallitizing for products undergoing inspection.
Robot B packages it and repallitizes it after the inspection. The whole process is in a u-shape, therefore is robot C placed inbetween A and B. Robot C moves the packaging from A to be reused at B.

The point of my simulation is to figure out how to avoid bottlenecks, hence that robot C at some points of the process has to be two places at a time. I’ve got pretty tight space constraints, therefore my initial thought was to robot-programming-tab of VC, thereby I can precisely control the movements of the robots.

I need robot C to know whether it at any point should help either A or B, to minimize delays.
Should I either forward the issue to one of my python experts - or is it possible to solve through programming tab? I’m hoping somehow, that it is possible to let the robots communicate through targetproperties/valueexpressions/counters/if-or-while-loops, without the use of: python-programming, sync-statements, waittriggers and so forth :pray:

Thank you in advance!

I think the program tab is a good choice. You could implement the communication with the robots either with Sync statements or I/O signals.

Is it possible to implement I/O signals in an if-statement? In this way robot C should be able to chose whether any of A or B is ready at any point?

You can use IN[port] and OUT[port] to use signals in expressions.

That’s great! I completely missed that this is possible. Thank you so much! :smile: