How to make the program and processes work in parallel?

The robot works through processes and shifts an object from one pipeline to another. I connect the signals and write wait OUT in the robot program … (If the door to the cell opens, then the robot should stop), but this does not work. What to do?

You mean, you use the robot controller and the robot program at the same time? Normally this is prohibited because the robot controller requires full control of the robot, so when the controller is connected to the robot, the robot’s actuators are disabled. As you said, you need to insert the use of some robot programs in Flow, then what you need to do is two things: 1. Restart the robot actuator; 2. Get rid of the control of the robot controller.
Of course, we can also choose to import the robot control in PROCESS into PROGRAM as a robot program, so that we only need to program it in the robot program.