How to make a model parametric

Hello all,

I am quite new to Visual components. I want to make a model that is completely parametric.
I mean

  1. All my cycle times and process data will be in an excel.
  2. Import all these data with python script in VC.
  3. Assign these data to variables, for example Cycle time of Machine A is assigned to a variable X.
  4. For every simulation run Machine A should read the data from variable X and define its cycle time with the value in X.

I am not sure how to do point 3 and 4. if these is away to do this please help.

I have tried using a PM Global Variable with a variable in it. But i couldn’t figure out how a machine A can read a value of a variable in PM Global Variable.

Use the Get Property statement and then utilize the value expressions of other statements.

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