How to know the components during AGV transportation?

Hello, I need to know the components loaded during AGV transportation (for example, how to know the loaded items in some way (which can be printed) in the transportation engineering of AGV loading bottles or cans).


do u have Professional? Then u could create a Python Skript in a Custom Component, get a List of all the AGVs in the World and get their ChildComponents, no?

Something like this could work

agvs = list(filter(lambda x: ‘Works AGV Resource’ in x.Name, app.Components))

for agv in agvs:

print agv.ChildComponents

Sorry to bother you again. My email to you has been returned,I’m using the educational version. Is this OK? At the same time, can you give me more details? Or give me a small example, thank you!

Hi, if u have Acess to the Modelling Tab, id try to:

  • create a custom Component
  • give this Component a Python Skript Behaviour
  • on The OnRun Method type something like
    • agvs = list(filter(lambda x: 'Works AGV Resource' in x.Name, app.Components))
    • while True: for agv in agvs: print agv.ChildComponents
If u do not have Acess to the Modelling Tab i dont know what to do.