How to know conveyor current capacity


I wanted to know how to obtain the current capacity of a conveyor in real time. I wanted to use that property to trigger an action in the process flow.

Right know I am using statistic.PartsCurrent, the problem is that this property updates every 60 seconds of simulation, and I would need to obtain the current value at any time.

Is there a way to do that?

Thanks in advanced.

If you modify this property from 60 to 1 second, would it work?


If you want to monitor current part count by event based, you might need to use script. You could assign the number to your own property to show on statistics dashboard instead of print.

from vcScript import *

def OnCount(part, arrive):
  print path.ComponentCount

comp = getComponent()
path = comp.findBehaviour("Path")
path.OnTransition = OnCount
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I changed the value of the interval and it worked. I also used the script and assigned the value to an integer signal and also worked.

Thanks for the help!