How to index a conveyor movement?

I am trying to use a conveyor with a process node attached to it where some work is done on a component at the node.
Once the work is finished, I want the conveyor to index forward bringing the next component to the node while the component previously worked upon indexes forward the same amount.
Any clues?? I am only running Vis. Comp. Essentials 4.3 so functionality is limited.

For anyone reading this thread, I have approached the problem differently now.
Instead of having a single conveyor with multiple process nodes attached, I have gone to lots of small conveyors in series each with a single “from conveyor” node on it.
With some fine tuning of the conveyor lengths and delay function within the process of the “from conveyor” node I have managed to create the effect of indexing of the materials.
Now I just need to work out how to get a robot to pick up a product and turn it over! :slight_smile:

I also found this method in the “LESSONS” section of the academy.
SendSignal Statement | Visual Components Academy

I found this to work well too.