How to import VCMX in Unity ?

Hello all,

I would like to import my vcmx files into Unity with animation. Right now, I use the Blender addon and then import the blender files in unity but I loose my color… and it takes time to do that

I think there is a solution with the vcax file because when I use the application VC Experience, I see that it is powered by Unity, so is anybody know the way to do import all the file in Unity ?


In VC Experience, we have our own internal file reader / parser for VCAX file format.

You have couple options:

1: Unity natively imports Blender files. This works under the hood by using the Blender FBX exporter. This should retain material etc.

2: Full asset. From Blender, save the project. In Unity Import a new Asset and choose the .blend file (this should work, but I did not test this).

3: Create Your own 3d model + animation recorder. Can be done (like Blender addon and Experience), but a lot of work

Hope this helps


Hi AMG, How can you export blender files with Blender addon? The only way i found to use it at the moment is to render still images? So what is the path right path to export animated / simulated models from Visual Components to Unity ?


Thanks, Olli