How to import and use a custom tooling

I am having trouble finding a guide that explains this in detail, as I have struggled with it for the past couple of days. I would like to know how to import and use a custom tooling for the KUKA SIM robot program. My company has made a long tooling made to vacuum pick some big sheets of parts, however when I attempt to throw it in the software, the snap-grab point is off to the far corner (not on the surface to connect to the face of the robot) and it comes in pieces. I cannot find a way to group these pieces together and make it an official tool in the software. Is there a link someone can direct me to or inform me as to how to do this? Thank you in advance.

I found a good solution to my issue. Someone please correct me or point out something easier if you know it. The steps I followed are:

  • made sure that my tooling assembly was saved as one part, then imported it
  • corrected the origin to the connecting plate that will contact the robot J6 face
  • used the “attach” command to attach the tool to the face of the robot
  • snap the two contacting faces together, and adjust the rotation coordinates of the tool to verify they are in line with the robot arm

After this the robot was able to move and be programmed with the tooling on the robot

If you have the modeling pack for KUKA SIM, or VC Professional, then you can model the robot tool as a smart component. For example, this enables modeling the moving mechanisms in a gripper.

There is a VC Academy course about component modeling, and it includes tutorials for modeling a gripper. Basics of Component Modeling | Visual Components Academy