How to get rid of this error output?

Hi, everytime I start my simulation I keep getting this output, what is wrong and how can I get rid of it?

Hello, Don.
It looks like your error is meant to suggest that you have not added a valid ComponentUri for the Product Type “2” in your Products, please check if you can. :melting_face:

Thanks for replying! What is componenturi and where can I find it?

I think that error is actually that in component called “Feeder Process #2” you have a product creator behavior and you haven’t configured the Product Type it should create. Maybe you had something there but then deleted the Product Type.

So check though the feeder settings in the component properties panel.

Thanks for replying! Still can’t find the issue.
validation test 1.vcmx (525.4 KB)

Look here:

The real problem is though that you are using a feeder component that has the product creator behavior, and then you have added a Create statement into it. If you are going to use the Create statement, just use a process node component that doesn’t have the product creator behavior.

It worked! Thanks a lot! Incidentally, do you know how to ensure flow group 1 is given priority to get started first before any other flow group? I know this is unrelated to this post, I was advised in another post to use signals to prioritize flow group 1 but I’m not sure how to do that, is there another way?

No, flow groups and flow sequences don’t work like that. Also please don’t mix topics in topics.