How to get cycle time (Parts/hr) using statistical label?

Please refer to the layout image.

My intention is to track the productivity of the cubes at the end of the line. How do I configure the label to get the statistics?

Fyi, the work process that is linked to the label has the following tasklist.


If you are a Professional licence user you can create a property to track how many cycles has robot done.

Or maybe you can simply use PartsEntered statistics property from cnc machines too.

I’m interested in the cycle time rather than the number of parts produced.

Edited the title for clarity.

I think it should be Statistics.PartsAverageCount property. Have you tried that one?

May I know where to find the Statistics.PartsAverageCount property?

Well, PartsAverageCount is a property of vcStatistics. You can add the property to display on the statistics label if you have a VC Professional license. See application help document for additional info.

Ahh now I know is vcStatistics. Thank you.

I used Statistics.Parts.Entered on the conveyor belt and managed to get the cycle time by manually measuring the graph time.

Let me know if yall got a better method to get cycle time (Parts/min or Parts/hour).