How to generate a set of triangles from 3D geometry in Visual Components?

Hi, there. As I know, it is possible to create a 3D geometry in Visual Components by adding points and triangle indices to ITriangleSet. I would like to know whether the opposite process can also be achieved. Namely, if I have a 3D geometry displaying in Visual Components, is there a way to generate a set of triangles (points and triangle indices) of this 3D geometry?

Of course you can also read the vertices, triangle indices and normals from the ITriangleSet. What you then do with that information is up to you.

The resulting geometry of a feature tree you can get from ISimNode.Geometry which returns a IGeometryContainer. From there you can access the GeometrySets, which can of be of different types but ITriangeSet is the most common.

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