How to find dll of Kuka Simpro statement

Hi all,
I’m newbie of VC/SimPro 3.1 .Net user, and I currently try to find KRL statement. I have browsed this website, but it’s seemed there is no similar topic. I found the description of ApiType from visual studio debug mode.

But I can not find the dll. that includes KRL statements, though I have searched whole SimPro file folder.
Dose anybody know this?
Thanks alot!

I found the dll. yesterday, it is in:
…\KUKA Sim Pro 3.1\UX.Applications.dll

This is clearly something you should contact KUKA.Sim support about. Anyway, you can check vcStatement in Python API in KUKA.Sim Pro 3.1 for a section on how to create KUKA statements and which DLL is being referenced. Just some additional info. Happy trials to you.

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