How to Disconnect Signals with Python Script

Hello everyone
I am having an small issue I can’t see to find a straight answer for
basically I see that

has a Disconnect method that you can use to disconnect the signals connected to all or certain ports.

however my issue is that
vcBoolSignal does not seem to have an equivalent method

I want to disconnect all the signals to a single boolean signal using pythong script but I can’t seem to find a way to do it.

Help is appreciate it

I also ran into another weird issue where I got false if I compared the type of my signal to a vcBoolSignal but if I print the type it was a ‘vcBoolSignal
See screenshot below. I don’t understand VC tells me is of type ‘vcBoolSignal’ but if I test that it says it’s false ???

In VC 4.2, you have to use .NET API, e.g. IPlugAndPlayHelper.ConnectSignals or the .NET equivalent of vcBoolSignal.

“==” and “is” are not the same. Use the “is” operator to compare objects not types.