How to define big icon and big icon group?

I want to define a big icon group like ‘select’ and put these three icons as its children, also I want to define some big icon like ‘move’. How to do?

define big icon

I am also interested in this question, hope someone can give some suggestions…

Got it.

1.define a Interface.
` interface IMideaCommand


2.add a Export type in the Action Command.
[Export(typeof(IPlugin))] [Export(typeof(IActionItem))] [Export(typeof(IMideaCommand))] public class ProductivityPredictionActionItem : ActionItem, IPlugin, IHandle<ManipulationModeChangedMessage>, IMideaCommand

3.define the MenuTool button.
` [Export(typeof(IActionItem))]
public class GalleryMenuId01Action : ActionItem, IMenuToolCommand

    public GalleryMenuId01Action() : base("GalleryMenuId01", "gallerywidgets1", "rDetach", null, MenuTools.MenuTool, true, true)

    private void InitMyActionItems()
        var mediaCommands = IoC.GetAll<IMideaCommand>();
        foreach (var command in mediaCommands)
            var actionitem = command as IActionItem;
            MenuItemBase item = new MenuItemBase(actionitem.Id, actionitem.Content, actionitem.IconName, this, true);
            item.Execute = () => actionitem.Execute();

            var item01 = new UXSiteSetup
                UXSiteIdPath = TabAndCommand.TabID + "/" + AssemblingGroupRibbon.GroupId,
                EntryId = "GalleryMenuId01",
                //IconRelativePath = Method.GetResxByName("ICON") + "RULA_ANALYSIS"//"/MIoT.Resource/Image/icon/RULA_ANALYSIS.svg"

            var actionItemtest1 = cmdRegistry.FindItem("GalleryMenuId01");
            cmdRegistry.RegisterActionItem(actionItemtest1, item01, "AssemblingGroupRibbonId", -1);


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