How to customize the icon

Hello , I tried to customize the icon in .svg format, but it didn’t work.

How do I customize my own image to a valid icon in .svg format?

Only a small subset of the SVG standard is supported in VC 4 UI because the icons need to be converted to WPF paths for rendering.

Basically, you can only have up to 4 <path> elements in the svg file, and they can’t be nested inside multiple xml elements such as groups. All other elements of the SVG are ignored. The paths can have a fill color, but it needs to be specified directly using the <path> attribute “fill” instead of e.g. using a CSS style.

A special color value is used to denote foreground color that changes according to the selected application color theme.

In practice, you need to use a tool like Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator to “make compound path” of your art and then export as simple SVG as possible. Note that each <path> element can describe quite complex and even separate shapes so this doesn’t really limit the geometrical complexity of your artwork.