How to Convert joint values into percentages

Does anyone have an add-on which shows this robot joint values in percentages. It’s really hard to check percentage of every point.



I’m wondering what would the use-case of that be. Could you maybe explain why you would rather to use percentages than actual joint values?


Like every time I gave robot programming i should not exceed 90% or 85% of robot speeds. so like in process simulate can I get a small tab which shows the percentages of every point while creating itself.

Every time while doing robot program i have to calculate 90 percent of its joint values and i have to check every point manually. So, its the reason I’m asking it.


So you want to program the robot such that it never uses the extremities of its joint ranges?
Probably easiest way to ensure that would be to change the joint limits in the robot component itself to be e.g. 80% of the actual physical limits, and then enable the joint limit checking at runtime. No need to do any manual checking of the program.

Similar thing would probably be doable for joint speeds, but in VC the speeds don’t necessarily match the speeds that you get with actual robot controller anyway.

You could also write a script to verify your program against any arbitrary criteria such as acceptable joint value percentages.

Sounds good It works. Thankyou,