How to control the hiding and displaHow to control the hiding and display of UI forms written by yourself in VC NET. user controls?y of UI forms

does anyone know how to implement the buttons of the ribbon in control the display and hiding of user controls? Is there code for implementation?

Hello, I recommend you to look into IActionItem and ICommandPanelAction interfaces.

I have the following sample project which shows how to do what you want: (41.9 KB)

Hope it helps.


great, I’ll go learn this case

thank you very much for your answer, I’ve implemented this feature, but there’s a small issue. It is this UI interface that will be reset when switching functions (for example, switching to the starting function interface in the connectivity function interface). Can I set this interface not to be reset or refreshed when switching functions?

It is a similar effect, is there a case of this effect? Thanks!

In the attached project I show something similar to the statistics dashboard which maintains the same view model every time is opened. Take a look at how the MyActionItem opens a window having MyDockableScreenViewModel within it.

Hope it helps. (52.9 KB)

that’s awesome! I’ll go learn this case, really thanks!
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