How to connect Visual Components and Robotstudio for simulation commissioning

Hello, everyone.
I’m tryin to connect VC to Robotstudio for simulation commission, but keep failing.

  1. IRC5 OPC Server need to be used?
  2. How do I set the Robot’s IP address so that the VC can connect?
    Both software are installed on the same computer.
    Has anyone encountered this problem, please help me with this, thank you.
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That IRC5 OPC Server seems to be a “classic” OPC DA server instead of the modern OPC Unified Architecture (UA). VC can’t connect to that directly but DA <=> UA middleware software exists.

Thank you for your reply. I’m using IRC5 OPC Server which is the latest version.
You’re right, IRC5 OPC Server mode is DA.

Anyone else have suggestions?


I have made VC-RS connection with UDP socket. Check the attached zip. There is a RS Pack&Go and a VC model. Unpack RSPAG and open the project on RS. Open VC model on same PC. Hit play on VC and then try jogging RS model or run the program on it. RS should echo joint values and outputs to the VC model. And VC model should return inputs to RS.

RS model does the communication in background tasks and robot system must have Multitasking and PC Interface options. VC model communicates via python script in “UDP link” component. Script uses standard python socket module to establish UDP socket.

And OPC cannot be used as VC support OPC UA and as far as I know ABB still only has support for OPC DA. (798.4 KB)


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Perfect, your program solved my problem.You’re so cool.

Hi Keke,

Thank you for the information.Have tried this and its working fine In this add-on robot is controlled in rs & same joint movements are shown in VC, but is it possible to control the robot in Robot studio through VC so that there is no need of importing mod file or creating program separately?.

By the way how could you able to add new task to IRB 120 controller? I tried to add task to IRB 2600ID and not able to in controller configuration settings.

Please let me know.

Thank you

Hi @satish,

For doing the opposite control flow you could have a main program in RS that has a while loop and one MoveJ inside it. Target would be persistent robtarget that you would write in background task and input coordinates would come as UDP message from VC. I don’t have an example of this unfortunately.

To add a background task make sure that system has option “Multitasking”. That enables you to create new tasks. You should look for RobotWare documentation for Multitasking option. I’m pretty sure it would explain this in detail.