How to connect Schneider PLC

Dear developer:
I saw the connection method of Siemens PLC. Is Schneider PLC the same connection method, or other methods?


direct connection to Schneider PLC is not supported as with Siemens.

But you can use an OPC UA connection. How to set up: Arbeiten mit dem OPC-UA-Server


I have OPC-UA

but since the M580 did not have a OPC UA server i used PTC Kepware on an iPC to connect to the PLC and bring the data to a OPC-UA server, and from there connect Kepware to VC.

Kepware runs for free for 2h and then you need to restart it.

I have made a couple of YouTube videos on how to use PLC and UR robots together via Kepware and Modbus

You can see them here:


Since Kepware is a little limited I set out to see if could make a user-friendly implementation, that were free

And I have made at setup bringing data from ModBus TCP (again from a UR Robot) to OPC-UA via Node-RED

The whole thing is on GitHub:

Finally - We now have S7 communication for Siemens in VC

I have asked them to implement a connection via Ethernet/IP and Modbus if possible

Because no matter if it is Kepware or OPC-UA – there can be a timing lack

That problem is shortly described in this article

I hope you can use it

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Really interesting! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you very much. It’s very helpful to me