How to connect multiple nodes on a component

Hello, I am new to this. I want to connect multiple nodes on a component, for example a board, but I don’t know how to set up the interface, can someone help me?

Hi @miaowentao

Use a “One To Many” interface and check “IsAbstract” in the properties.
You can also load a Human Transport Controller and see how it’s done there.

Thank you. But that doesn’t seem to be what I meant to express. I just want to build a model on which two Process Nodes can be connected at a fixed location via pnp

PnP requires non-abstract interfaces that are located at or between frames. You can check the Process Node components’ interfaces and then create a similar interface on another component. Just ensure the new interface will be set as Parent.

I made a quick example by creating a new interface with Processor field in the parent component. This enables connecting the ConveyorItnerface of the Process Node to the parent component.
PmTest.vcmx (152.1 KB)

A better way would be to create interfaces with a Hierarchy field, but the Process Node does not have this by default, so you would need to create those each time.
Note that creating behaviors and features requires a Professional or Premium license.


Thank so much, you are so friendly and powerful!

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