How to carry out palletizing after two pallets are combined

Hi all

I am trying to combine two pallets (A/B) for Palletizing (six boxes can be captured at one time). I have been set according to the “Final Palletizing and Packaging PM” in the case, but I am not clear whether there is any omission or error, leading to the following situation:

-After the two trays (A/B) are merged, they cannot be combined with the box.

My work needs to be finished within these few days, but this problem has been bothering me for almost a week. So please help me

Sorry, I have to upload the attachment again

moed 1.0.vcmx (480.9 KB)

Thank you all for your help


Hey. I am not able to explain why yours doesn’t work (I’m quite new to this myself), but I’ve made an example achieving the same thing you can look at. Useful for me to have for later as well (since it’s so easy to forget how to do it).

AssemblyInsideAssembly.vcmx (49.6 KB)

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Thank you very much for your support. I will carefully analyze your documents to see if I made any mistakes