How to Assign values to Matrix


Is there possibility to assign values to Matrix Property, in robot code?

Thank you!

See the matrix expression syntax in the help. Not sure if it works with that statement though.
For example Tx(1).Ry(90)

Why do you need it exactly?

Because if its a positioning thing you can also define a BASE just for that and then use ‘Set Base’ statement to move your Base Frame.

But i dont know if you gonna use it for something else.

I use it as Fanucs Position register. yea it is a positioning thing but kind of “Global Point” rather than User Frame. Bases in VC, could do the same, but i don’t want to mix those up.


That actually worked, Thank you. I thought i tried that, before.
It works with variables as well

Hello @herugga

Usefull example.
Could you also explain what Tx(100+R::R6) stands for?

Thank you @ozan

I’m Adding value to X coordinate with robot internal variable (Properties). Property is on R-Tab and named as R6.

Could be as well like Tx(100+MyIntProperty)

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