How to assign my component to a work process?

Hey everyone,

I’m currently modeling a welding system of formwork. I have created the formwork in Fusion 360 and imported it in VC. I attached it to the Robot Positioners and programmed the Robot for welding. After welding I need to take the formwork using Human Resource and Lift Assist (joint boom) from the positioner, put it someplace else for storing and place new formwork on the positioner. However, I’m having a hard time figuring it out. I was going to create several work processes to take the formwork after welding and using Need to put it on the storage. But I couldn’t figure out how to give the signal that the formwork was done welding. Also, I do not know how to attach the work process to the formwork for it to be picked up.

If anyone could suggest how to do this or give any other suggestions, I would be very grateful.

Attaching a screenshot of the model below.

Have you look into this?

I will check it out, thank you!