How to animate a Telescopic pillar

Hi, Gentlemens!
I would like to animate this pedestal for Cobot case, but I really have no idea where it starts.
So please if somebody knows help me :wink:

I’ve already deleted useless mesh and grouped by sections )

Hello @roman

Can you share the file so I can try to help it. I got an idea for it but it is hard to explain.

Kind regards,


Here you are.
whatever.vcmx (1.5 MB)

Well, the first step is to make a link that will depend on each other in the sequence of the telescopic tube. so that they do not sweep the movement separately from each other.

you have to think further. you can make it move by connecting it to a robot. help the positioner.

Yes thanks!

Now I am trying to add a signal component and script for triggering by Robot.
Do you have any solution about it ?

It’s literally complete!


that’s cool. Good Job man!!

Gentleman’s, it works!
It was a hard thorny path to simulate the telescopic pillar and whole case with programming robot!


Can you share the completed files, I want to animate a pillar recently, but I can’t get the same result as you