How to alter Forklifts Pathways during simulation?

Dear all,

I want to simulate a flexible warehouse using forklifts where the goods are stacked. In this layout the pallets are stacked and retrieved in LIFO mode. I want the forklifts to alter their routing path taking into account the increase and decrease of stacked goods.
Forklift routing 2020-12-07
In the above picture the Forklifts are traversing the warehouse by the middle pathway to reach the other side. However the middle stack of goods will block the way once filled, I want the forklifts to alter the route during the simulation.

I thought of modifying the pathway with the Interact button (Joint), shown in red.
Forklift routing 2020-12-07 (Interact button)
Unfortunately, it seems that the forklift path solver will not update with the new size of the pathways.

I tried to look at the Python code of the Forklift and Resource Controller, I am no expert but it seems that once the simulation starts, the graph function is created once only.

Do anyone know how to achieve this simulation? :thinking:
Forklift Warehouse Concept 2020-11-30.vcmx (762.2 KB)