How to add models that are not included in the collections

Hey dear VC community,

I’m actually working on a project with Visual Components and I would like to simulate some stations like this pick and place station from Festo :

The problem is, I did not find the models in the collections and I don’t know if it is possible to download and simulate models or librairies from other manufacturers.

Can someone please help me?

Thank you





If you have the CAD data for the station it is possible to do it. You will need at least VC Professionals to import the geometries and create the behaviors to simulate the cell.





In Your example case, You have 2 options.

If You want to model and simulate that Festo PnP station accurately, You need Professional or Premium version of the software, so that You have an access to Modelling-tab in our tool. Then You can import the station CAD models, create Your own servo axis and sensors etc.

Second option is to use existing parametric libraries and change the dimensions and parameters of the library components so that they match the real solution dimensions and parameters. You can import CAD models and attach those “over” the default components geometry.


In this example, simple PnP cell is done from Conveyor, Conveyor Sensor and Generic cartesian robot.

Hope this helps

Hey guys,

Thank you for your help.
<p style=“text-align: left;”>I’m working with VC Professionals and I can access to the Modelling-tab.</p>
<p style=“text-align: left;”>I’m going to look for CAD Models and import those and then create my own stations.</p>
Thank you



Hi there,

I am also working on a FESTO module and only encounter problems here. How do you exactly simulate the individual components? It doesn’t work for me.


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