How to add "Generic Articulated Robot" to KUKA.Sim

I’m following learning material in the academy to learn KUKA.Sim. While inserting the files to the software, it’s missing all “Generic Articulated Robot” in eCatalog in KUKA.Sim environment. It shows the preview, but when draging the file, the robot just missing as below screen shots.
Just wondering if there is any way to download these generic models and add to the eCatalog ?

I suggest contacting KUKA.Sim support. What you are experiencing is where the layout references components that do no exist/cannot be found on your machine. One way to avoid this is to save a layout and package the components with the layout, so when you open it the components are found, e.g. in temporary app data.

I don’t remember exactly, but I think the Exchange Robot command in KUKA.Sim only works with exchanging KUKA robots with one another non-KUKA robots. Therefore, you can delete the Generic robot entry in Cell Graph panel, and then just use KUKA robot with the layout.

As for downloading the models, they come from a different eCatalog, so sharing them here is a no-no.