How to Access Kinematic Scripts for ABB's IRB 14000?

Hello Visual Components Community,

I have a question regarding how to access the kinematic scripts for the “ABB IRB 14000” robot listed in the Visual Components eCatalog. Could anyone guide me through the process to view the detailed kinematic scripts for this robot?

Attached is an image illustrating the type of script I am looking to display. I have tried using the “Statement Properties” and “Subprograms” windows, but I haven’t been able to find a way to access the specific kinematic scripts.

If anyone is familiar with the correct method to access these scripts for this robot, your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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If you click on one of the robot arms, you see that this robot also uses python jacobian kinematics. You can open the script by double-clicking.

Thank you for your prompt reply.
This might be a very basic question, but which button do I click to display the Component Graph window?

Component Graph is found in the Modeling context. Looks like you have the Essentials license, and this version does not have Modeling.
You need to have the Professional or Premium version to access that.