How is this "Works" component called?

I have found this component in the training layout, but struggle to find it in the eCatalogue. How is it called and where is it located?
It appears as “Works_Location” in the manual


You might need this ‘Labor resource location 4.0’ .

Not familiar with current state of libraries. What tutorial are you trying to do?

I firstly found it in here i think:

BOM name in this component form the manual says it is “Works Location V3”

I checked the item that Turbo suggested - it seems like it is a successor of the one I am asking about. However, the older one has animations for Pick, Place and Process - animations like ManualWork, Sit, PickHigh, Party etc. that could be nice to have for visual purposes. If this is is really a newer component, how come it doesn’t have these features anymore?