How do I display the logo in a custom component?


I need to display the logo on my component. and I added a custom material. It didn’t display the logo when I used it in my component , but I used the Moulding Machine component and assign the material for it, the logo can be displayed normally. How do I display the logo in a custom component?

In the Help file, go to " Tasks > Modeling > Materials " and review the topics on adding decals and textures.

Option A

If the logo is a geometry file, you could import it, and then copy and paste it in the machine, and then reposition the geometry.

Option B

The Add Decal tool creates a Geometry feature that acts as a container and placeholder for a logo. I don’t remember, but I think the placeholder can be assigned the material and all should be well; otherwise, just import the logo geometry, and then add it to the placeholder Geometry feature in the machine.

Option C

Assign the custom material, and then use the Add Texture tool to scale and resize the logo. I don’t remember, but I think you need to set the texture first, and then assign the material.

Note: I would recommend you try option B and then C. However, save a backup of the machine!

Thanks for your answer, I Use the decal tool to generate a geometry and then assign my material for it

Hi, If you need use your logo in flat zone, I use the picture Frame and copy the geometry from this component in the component required after selected the image with the logo in the Picture Frame.

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Hey, we are also using the picture frame for 2D Logos. The problem that I am facing at the moment is that if I am using the blenderer redering add-in the picture frame is always without the picture. Any ideas? :slight_smile: