How do I create a process flow in Python?


I am trying to model a process by using solely Python scripts. Could you advise me on what specifc class I could use to define and program a process and how would I connect several processes into a flow and match with a flow group?

What could be the key words I need to search after in the Python API reference?

I would like to program a mobile forklift to come to a feeder, pick up a pallet and deliver it to a sink.
I tried to look up on more information on ActionContainers and Actions, but I have found out that Actions and ActionContainers are rarely used and deprecated (?).
What is the difference between actions and tasks, can I use those for programming the mobile robot to come to a feeder, pick a pallet and set it into a sink?

Thank you in advance

vcProcessController has everything you should need.
There you can access the transport system, flow group manager, product type manager, etc.