How can I use one process node to assemble different sub-assemblies?

I have multiple sub-assemblies in my simulation.

I would like that in one process node I make 4 quantities of sub-assembly 1 and 2 quantities of another subassembly but in a certain order.

Can someone please help me with this.

Thank you.

Do you mean create the assemblies from thin air (e.g. using Create statement) or bring in the parts to assemble them in place?

You need to model the subassemblies as their own Product Types, and then can just use loops to either create or assemble them in place. The assembly itself is a product instance which you should be able to transport into another assembly just like a part product.

Hi Tsy, thanks for your response. I am bringing in the parts to make the assembly.

How do I use statements to create 2 sub-assemblies and then one kind and 1 sub-assembly of another kind at the same process node ?

Well, if you have Product Types defined for those 2 different assemblies, simply 3 TransportIn statements should do it?
If you want the numbers to be parametric, just use loops.