How can I use a robot to get items from Work Process to Agv, instead of Instead of sliding over

How can I use a robot to get items from Work Process to Agv, Instead of sliding over.
Besides, that robot should be attached on the ground or on the work process, but not on that agv.

my English is not very good. I will be honored if you can answer my question.

You want to do something like this but with Process Modeling?

how could i do like this?

With Works library or Process Modeling?

Works library please

This is layout I used to quickly make that GIF. It is a quick visualization.
Test - Load and Unload AGV.vcmx (1.5 MB)

Basic steps

  1. Create part at station
  2. Move AGV to pickup location
  3. Make AGV wait to receive part
  4. Create order for part.
  5. Use robot arm to place part on AGV
  6. Move AGV to drop-off location
  7. Use robot arm to take part from AGV

There are several ways to do this. For example, you could define route for the AGV in Works. You could also do scripting and create your own tasks and logic. Finally, you could do scripting to make it so the AGVs get routes/orders from fleet manager, e.g. one connected via socket, etc.

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hello zesty,I download your VC document, but I found it occur “ERROR: No routine: pickpart found” error, Is this the problem with my software version(4.1)

If that occurred when loading the layout, the routine probably did not yet exist when the script was compiled. Try running simulation and/or check the robot program after loading layout.