How can I change color on imported CAD and scale

Hello , Im new user with this software and I cant find this topic in manuals… When I imported this manual press , colors went orange I want these original and also a bigger scale would be better. Any help please?

I think that on imported models cannot be changed scale or size, but colour should be transferable. If you have time you can colour it in VC by yourself, i will attach some picture to show how its done.

You can see that i am assigning colour on set, and this colour is already in my laout, preferebly choose library. After choosing your colour just click on part you want to have that colour and its done.

Here are topics about scaling/resizing geometry:

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I figured it out thanks a lot. Any advices how to add barcode to geometry model?

If you want to display a barcode as texture using .png for example you can do it with decal tool. In the attached video I show how to add a decal and then create a custom material with a texture. Then I assign that material to decal.