[HELP] To treat the value of velocity, acceleration in an attribute as a variable

Hello everyone,
[Properties] - [Real] - [Units] - [Quantity] - [Velocity]
We have no choice but to fix [Value] to the value you entered.

I want to move to the value of variable [D0] coming from external PLC, not to use it fixed to the value of [Velocity] I entered.

Thank you in advance.

I think in VC you generally can’t stop nor change parameters of an ongoing servo or robot motion.
There might be some workarounds, but I haven’t done anything quite like your use case so I can’t really help you with the specific problem.

Some observations:

  • You could write the DOF properties such as MaxAcceleration and MaxSpeed directly from Connectivity.
  • Your “RPM” component property has the On value change: Rebuild option enabled. This will make setting the property value really slow because it rebuilds the component’s geometry.