Headless implementation of VC

Is there a mechanism to run VC headless (without a GUI)? I would like to perform automated checks (such as for robot collisions). I am hoping to achieve a more lightweight implementation for simulation checks, without need for manual interventions for things like starting/stopping/restarting the simulation process if it crashes or fails to complete, etc. through this implementation. Any alternative suggestions to achieve the same would be appreciated!

Nothing official is available as far as I know.

It is possible to run multiple instances of VC at once and you can pass command line arguments when starting the VisualComponents.Engine.exe, but anything beyond that you would need to implement as .NET plugin within VC.

Your plugin would then read the command line arguments and e.g. load a file, run simulation, verify & collect results, output them somehow.

I think any such use cases and error handling you would need to implement yourself in any case, as I don’t see how that could even be implemented as generic logic for other than maybe the whole application crashing.

Thanks. Is the python API capable of the same steps especially when it comes to loading a vcmx file upon startup of the application?

Maybe, but I doubt you would be able to do everything with just Python API.