Gripper Grasp issue

Hi, I was modelling my custom multigripper in VC. Now, I want to program robot to pick object in simulation. I created the open and close signal between robot and grippers. The issue is here when i set signal “1” to True value,the gripper does not grasp the object, what could be cause this problem? I tried to change value of closing stroke of gripper to avoid collision too,but still doesn’t work.


by default the grasp actions of robots are related to positions of the robot tools (TCP). In the action configuration out-signal 1 (bout) is connected with Tool1, signal 2 with Tool2, and so on.

When setting the signal 1 to value True, a logic checks if there is a component geometry close to Tool1 position. If a component is detected, the component will be grasped. If you want your gripper to grasp a part, you have to translate a robot Tool to the right position close to the gripper fingers and use the related out-signal (e.g. Tool1 > Bout 1).

If your gripper has custom tool definitions that are exported to the robot, you have to change the signal action configuration of the robot.

I actually found the problem, it related to define picking area of gripper which i was mistakenly forgot it.