Gripper #2

We are trying to model a gripper that we found from grabcad based on a gripper that is already in the models in visual components in terms of linking and movement of different parts. (The image of the gripper as well as its disclosed version is attached to the post )

We tried copying some of the behaviours and linking relations from an already existing gripper but it did not work out the way we planned. The joints do not rotate sensibly we need any help we can get.
There were a couple of explanations but we couldn’t complete it and we have been working on it for days and the due date is coming up.
If you ever have the time and resources could you possibly give it a try? It would mean so much to us as we have been working on it for days now. We attached the document in vcmx format.

Gripper.vcmx (1.48 MB)


Attached is my version of the gripper, only the right gripper is working now, for the left gripper just rebuild it like the right gripper.

I don’t the problems you ran into but I think it have something to do with the origin of the links.

To change the origin of a link, select the origin so that the selected link will turn blue, then in “Move Mode” select “Selected” then from “Tools” select “Snap” and select the point where it should rotate. Attached is a screenshot, which showed the origin point.

Once again, if you have a more specific question maybe I can give a more detailed answer.

Let me know if this helped you.


RG2-Gripper-3DModel.vcmx (1.51 MB)


We tried but we definitely have some problems we cannot identify. We again attached the document so you can see how ours move in comparison with yours. We read your instructions on the change of origin but we guess that was problematic too. We would be really grateful if you could identify our problem.

thank you so much for your time


gripped.vcmx (1.52 MB)

Hi lalaland!

No problem!

See attachment for the updated version of the gripper, now both grippers work.

I also made a screenrecoding, so you can see what I did differently.

Let me know if this helped you or not!



Gripper-v2.vcmx (1.08 MB)

new-layout_-Visual-Components-Professional-4.1-24-7-2018-08_31_14.mp4 (3.01 MB)

Thank you so much JobW for the great explanation and your kindness. It was very helpful and sorry for taking up so much of your time. Until next time:)

No worries, only took me 5 minutes of my time:-)

I’m glad it helped you!!

Good luck!