Grasp problems

I’m doing a pick and place robot program with a Scara produced by Fanuc and I teach it a specific trajectory. The robot has to grasp a cap and put it in another place. Every time I try to do this apparently simple task I have some problems. It seems that the program doesn’t recognize the cap and grasp other objects that are even below the cap and I don’t know why beacause I put the vacuum single-cup gripper on the cap surface and I activate the grasp action with OUT[1]. Someone has a solution to this issue? I’ve left an example model in order to be more clear.
Prova.vcmx (73.1 KB)

Thanks in advance

On the robot Component Properties, there is an option of Actions Configurations. You should choose the action number 1, and change the detection Volume size of the Grasp. I guess that you will need to change the Z number.

Hope that helps.

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I solve the problem…thank you very much