Grasp part from component container

Hi guys,

I want to create a component at my robot TCP. I’ve created a component creator and a component container in my tool but i’m not able to do a grasp of this new component.

I guess it’s not working because the component is attached to the robot tool and I haven’t been able to dettach it from it with any script method.

Any ideas on how to solve it?

Thanks in advance!

You could do everything in python script, create a new action and/or modifiy the action script of robot, etc.

I would recommend doing it in python script and not messing with actions at all. But if you want to pursue the action route, here is a layout with simple modification to the action script that adds boolean property EmptyingContainer and if true, release action attaches everything in the container to the 3D world node.

I don’t want to study the action script in detail, but there is probably something that updates the grasp_components global variable after grasp action. Since the dynamic components are created and transferred to container automatically, they are probably not considered grasped, thereby script ignores them.

Layout- Custom Action Script for Releasing.vcmx (880.5 KB)

Python Script in robot
from vcScript import *

def OnRun():

comp = getComponent()
creator = comp.findBehaviour("ComponentCreator")

Action script (removed reference to version in Program Files, and then used Snippet > ActionScript and modified Release function)

def Release( output, detection_tolerance ):
  global robot, grasp_container, grasp_association, grasped_components
  # Find first the part to be released
  physicsType = None
  set_phys = False
  part = None
  if len(grasped_components) == 0:
    # howdy
    if EmptyContainer.Value:
      release_node = sim.World
      for c in grasp_container.Components:
        pm = c.WorldPositionMatrix
        c.PositionMatrix = pm
    return "No component to release"

But I don’t recommend doing this. Just use python script with signals and the attach() and grab() methods for node and container objects.

Hi zesty,

Thanks for your reply, finally I’ve just used python script as you suggested, my code was missing the “sim.update” command.

I was concerned about the possibility of doing the release on physics but I’ve been able to do it without too many problems.