Grasp part from component container

Hi guys,

I want to create a component at my robot TCP. I’ve created a component creator and a component container in my tool but i’m not able to do a grasp of this new component.

I guess it’s not working because the component is attached to the robot tool and I haven’t been able to dettach it from it with any script method.

Any ideas on how to solve it?

Thanks in advance!

You could do everything in python script, create a new action and/or modifiy the action script of robot, etc.

I would recommend doing it in python script and not messing with actions at all. But if you want to pursue the action route, here is a layout with simple modification to the action script that adds boolean property EmptyingContainer and if true, release action attaches everything in the container to the 3D world node.

I don’t want to study the action script in detail, but there is probably something that updates the grasp_components global variable after grasp action. Since the dynamic components are created and transferred to container automatically, they are probably not considered grasped, thereby script ignores them.

Layout- Custom Action Script for Releasing.vcmx (880.5 KB)

Python Script in robot
from vcScript import *

def OnRun():

comp = getComponent()
creator = comp.findBehaviour("ComponentCreator")

Action script (removed reference to version in Program Files, and then used Snippet > ActionScript and modified Release function)

def Release( output, detection_tolerance ):
  global robot, grasp_container, grasp_association, grasped_components
  # Find first the part to be released
  physicsType = None
  set_phys = False
  part = None
  if len(grasped_components) == 0:
    # howdy
    if EmptyContainer.Value:
      release_node = sim.World
      for c in grasp_container.Components:
        pm = c.WorldPositionMatrix
        c.PositionMatrix = pm
    return "No component to release"

But I don’t recommend doing this. Just use python script with signals and the attach() and grab() methods for node and container objects.

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Hi zesty,

Thanks for your reply, finally I’ve just used python script as you suggested, my code was missing the “sim.update” command.

I was concerned about the possibility of doing the release on physics but I’ve been able to do it without too many problems.