Grasp many objects in one action ?


i am wondering how to configure the robot with it’s gripper to grasp many items in one action?
such an end of conveyor line, transfer rollers when 5 rollers reach to the end,
the robot grasp these 5 roller together and release them on other stage

thanks in advance

In Properties panel, there should be a Signal Actions tab that has a multi-grasp option. Enable that and then edit the signal action you are using to have a detection volume large enough to detect the parts you want to pick up

Is there a way to control the Multi-Grasp via script? So that the robot picks for example 2 out of 4 objects at the same time?

Yeah, of course. You could, for example, write a script that checks the contents of a container when there is transition event or node tree change. Or some other option. I would not suggest modifying the source code of the Action Script rather keeping it as is and using another script, but other folks probably can give you the best solution.

Hi. So I have a method.

you need the vcHelpers.Robot2

If you specify in the signal multigrasp then the robot will pickup multiple objects. In my case it was also picking up the ErgoTable.

I used releaseComponent from Robot2 to then release the table.

I specified a colour change for the robot I had picked up so you know how to reference the objects in the grasp container of the robot. You need to specify where you release it to and in my case I used a works process. Maybe there is a way just release it to the 3d world but I don’t know it yet.

anyway here is my code. hope it helps

from vcHelpers.Robot2 import *

robot_comp = app.findComponent(“LR Mate 200iD/7L”)
robot = getRobot(robot_comp)
WPtable = app.findComponent(“Works Process #3”)
Container = robot_comp.findBehaviour(“GraspContainer”)
Table_comp = app.findComponent(“ErgoTable”)
Container.Components[0].NodeMaterial = brown
Container.Components[0].MaterialInheritance = VC_MATERIAL_FORCE_INHERIT

hmm… well there is something you need to be aware of.

If you release the component then if the signal is set to release to physics then it will change the physical properties of the components it has picked up and released.

This layout explains quite nicely how to use the signals for grasping. I typically use multiple tcp for grasping multiple items. Then I’ll have better control, what to release and when.

Layout in ecat:


Can you show the path or screen shot how to find “edit the signal action you are using to have a detection volume large enough to detect the parts you want to pick up”?