Grasp Action Wizard not releasing part to conveyor

Hoping someone can help me here:

I am using Grasp Action Wizard to add grasping functionality to IO controlled link. First i struggled with grasping the part, but after making a change to the code as found on the forum, i could grab the part:

So now the part (the metal plate with holes) is grasped from the conveyor, and follows the link the wizard was performed on, so the plate moves up with the link, rotates with the link and moves down with the link.

But i can’t release it to the conveyor again. When i release, the plate no longer follows the link, as it should, but it also doesn’t follow the conveyor, it just stays still. I have tried different gravity direction values from 100 down to -25, and i am currently using 0.1 based on experience with using that value setting.
Is it not possible to release to conveyor, or is something extra needed to “attach” it to the path of the conveyor again? And lastly could it have something to do with the hiearchy of my model. One component contains both the conveyor and the link, where the grasp action wizard was performed to?

I solved it myself. Like i had to make a change to the grasping part of the code, to make the grasp action grap a part from a conveyor link which was in the same “over all” component as the GraspDetection link , i had to make a change to the release part of the code as well, to make it release to “itself.” I also had to identify in which of the many links of my component the part was released to, to move my conveyor PATH to its behaviours, so the script would find the container and release it to it.

It looks like you used the option “Link” under structure when you imported your model. I recommend “features” so as not to get so many unnecessary links. Thanks for posting your answer after finding out. Maybe it helps ppl in the future.

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