Getting some trace lines while running the simulation


  1. I am getting some trace lines when iam running the simulation, how to avoid this?
    as you can see there are some blue color lines i dont understand the reason for this, please help me with this issue
    blue line error VC

  2. Another problem is whenever i copy some layout that i have moved (example a pick n place layout) and when i want to check this operation by varying some parameters what happens is after copy pasting the layout and moving it to say some distance from original layout the point (pick point and place points ) of the robot move somewhere else, someone please help me with this as well?

Robots in VC have some basic actions that are used when you trigger output signals 1-100. Tracing with blue color for tool 2 is activated when you set Output signal 18 to True.
If this is the case for you, you need to either use different output signals, preferably starting from 100, or then modify the default signal actions so that the tracing is disabled for this output.

As for the moving robot points, you need to ensure that you have connected these points to some reference or base. There is also an option in the Program tab to Lock Positions either To Refence, or To World.

Thank you for the response, but please tell me how to disable the trace. i tried to see if i can find any options in the robot properties but i couldn’t find any. By the way i am using a generic scara robot (VC) also i changed the signal to 101 as you suggested but still the trace was not disappering

If the robot is still drawing the trace, you need to go through all your set output commands in the robot program and check the Signal Actions to verify there is no Trace On command for that signal.