"getAxisAngle" in "vcMatrix"

The method “getAxisAngle” in “vcMatrix” returns a vector, but I can’t print its value using the method in the example. Why is that? So how do we get the real value of this vector?

vcVector has 4 properties: X,Y,Z,W.

You can print these real values like so:

print(my_vector.X, my_vector.Y, my_vector.Z, my_vector.W)

Thank you for your attention!

Some vector can print it out, for example, the “N”, “O”, “A”, “P”, "WPR"in “Properties”

However, the real value of the vector returned by “getAxisAngle” cannot be printed.

“getAxisAngle” is a member function which you need to execute to get the vector as return value, so use
my_vector = my_matrix.getAxisAngle()
instead of
my_vector = my_matrix.getAxisAngle

That’s true. Thank you for your help!