Get robot to depalletize


This might be a completely rookie question (as I am a rookie :slight_smile: ) but I am trying to depalletize with process modelling. I looked at the demo layout called PM Assembly Depalletizing, and tried to transfer it to my layout (as illustrated below).

I’ve done the following:

  • Created an assembly called ‘PalletFull’ with multiple layers of products
  • Assigned process executors as in the demo layout
  • Linked processes in flow and assigned it to the robot.

But what happens is nothing. The robot will not move at all, and once I got it to move but got the error: “The product has been destroyed” (dramatic).

What can I do to get it to work, so it unbox pallets from one pallet to another - one at a time?


If you want the robot to pick each box from the assembly and place them somewhere else, you need to have the process steps and transport links configured for that.

Currently, in the Box flow group, the layout only has process steps that instruct a human operator to take a box from PickBox and place it in Palletizing. You should add steps and links to the Box flow group so that a Robot will take Boxes from Depalletizing and then place them to the desired process.

Once the Process steps and Transport Links are OK, you still need to check that you have valid Transport In / Out statements in these processes that are sending/requesting the correct product.