Get ISimComponent from ProcessNode


is there any way to get the ISimComponent from an identified IProcessGroup or an implementation of it like:

Or the other way around get ProcessExecuter or TransportNode in ISimComponent an get this unique IProcessGroup somehow?

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vcProcessGroup.Implementations gives you the vcProcessRoutines.

vcProcessRoutine.Program.Executor gives you the vcProcessExecutor which is also a vcBehaviour.
From any vcBehaviour you can get the Component or Parent node.

vcProcessExecutor also has property TransportNode. However, using this property assumes that the executor only uses a single transport node.

The other way around starting from component is to find vcProcessExecutor behavior(s) and from there you can get vcProcessRoutines. Name of the process routine defines which vcProcessGroup it belongs to. In the .NET API this linking is a bit more explicit.

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